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very nice

Was a fun retro game!

One of the scariest Christmas horror games ever. 

Really nice and a scary take on Xmas

cario 2 by danikincoofe (

Really a nice indie horrorgame in PS1 style. Some mild jumpscares as well as a battle against santa. All dreams come true. Not convinced? Take a peek at the Gameplay:

Hey, I really liked the game and believed it was very entertaining!


This game scared the crap out of me! Congratulations on making me ugly scream. ;3;'

your scream is not ugly

I am very happy I played this Christmas horror game.  I just posted my LP of this to my YouTube channel.  Feel free to stop by anytime.  Merry Christmas!




Santa Was Bodying Me Bro Lol

Thank you for making this game! 


Great Game With Intresting Story.
Love it.

(In video,I'm not good at english.Sorry)

00:16 to 13:05 For Slay Bells!

This was a well made and very fun horror game! The visual style was incredibly well done, I'll always love the retro, pixelated style. Can't wait to see what you do next! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays y'all!

This was so fun, I could make so many jokes with the setting, I LOVED IT

This was very good, kept me on edge. That santa is definitely not after milk and cookies. The intro surprised me ahhaha! I hope she did get home okay, even though she was being evicted. Here is my video here! Great work


vs sonic.exe v3 

This is off-topic. This game Slay Christmas is not related to FNF at all. Vs. Sonic.EXE is an FNF mod and this game is not.

you sure?

I mean i’m sure about that.

Played at 15:29. I really liked the graphics style of thia game! 

however this santa was indestructible, don't let me swing the crowbar if it does nothing to him 😂 I rage quit this one, a theme throughout my 3 scary games video. Had fun anyway.

Check our my video.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Gotta be bulletproof Santa Claus! 

most scary christmas game EVER!!! 

Loved how this was 3 years old and it still had the feeling that it was just made during a week ago. And, amazing developer to even record some of their work, you won't see that everyday!

Great slasher kind of game! Really enjoyed it!

Here's my playthrough! It's in spanish though, but managed to translate it on the video!

A very fun game of Dead By Daylight from a random game on my stream. Watch till the end for a dramatic finish.

This game was very fun to play, Santa is out for blood and is chop happy.Thank you for making this. Santa with an axe is very cute

(1 edit)

Gameplay - 00:52:29

1st Thoughts - 01:04:57

Final Thoughts - 1:08:30

[Chapters all included in the video!]

A great little Christmas themed horror! You've absolutely managed to nail the PSX/80s VHS aesthetic and I think you're a great contender in that world of games! Can't wait to see what you make next! Happy Holidays!

I absolutely love the soundtrack that this game provides, it was perfect. The game was fun and different, I raged at the fact Santa had so much HP and when you died, you had to start from the beginning checkpoint, which it is what it is. I did kill Santa though 😈

I made a whole YouTube video about it. Please check it out, it was funny moments and scary moments in between! Stay safe and be responsible! ❤️

Really nice game,i enjoyed it a lot!Totally got me in the mood for Christmas😂

why is santa so skinnie? how can he chase you like that if  hes fat from eating my cat ;-)

I played this game at 21:06. Low poly horror games are my favorite. So I instantly loved this christmas horror game. It was great!

please use normal time... ugh

8:21 PM !!!!!!

A true holiday slashic 


Fantastic game! very enjoyable to play this season, I had a great time from start to finish, and Merry Christmas to all! Full Game Here (NO DEATHS)  Juego Completo y con Subs. en Español no olvides activarlos primero.

one of  the best christmas horror games out there >w< (its ligit a masterpiece no cap bwuh)

this one is a classic lol, i was so intrigued by it when it first came out www uwghhhhh the nostalgicccccc

 its now a tradition for me to play this game every christmas lolll

anyways merry christmas and keep up the great work =w=

*picks up fireaxe* 

ew cringe "bwuh"

noone forced u to read my comment u sodding tic tac :)

One of the best Christmas Horror Game in!

Santa Claus had too much to drink!

Did Santa Murder Everyone In Town??| Slay Bells

This game was a great Christmas horror experience!! I really enjoyed this game and can’t wait to see more games from you keep it up!!

buenaso game, me asuste ja.- 

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