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Slay Bells is a Christmas-themed survival horror game inspired by 80's slasher movies and PS1 horror games. 

Try to make your way home on Christmas eve as you're stalked by a maniacal axe wielding Santa who is out for BLOOD. Traverse city streets, back alleys and an abandoned subway station, find a variety of useful tool and weapons and avoid Mr Claus at all costs!

Oh, and the flashlight does NOT run out of battery.

You can watch the 5-part Devlog series of the making of the game on my YouTube channel here.


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Slay Bells V1.1_Windows 69 MB
Version 1
Slay Bells V1.1_MacOS 72 MB
Version 1

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Thanks for making a video!


your welcome!


THIS GAME WAS SO FREAKING FIRE! DEFINITELY UPLOADING THE VIDEO TO YOUTUBE! (once done editing and uploading to youtube i will put a comment with the link so you can watch) ;)

Awesome! thanks for playing :)


The video is out and in the comments

Was a little hard, but overall I liked the stealth aspect

Thanks for checking it out!

truly a marvel ty

i think this game's settings were inspired by puppet combo's night ripper...

thats what I thought too lol but I can't be bothered spending money so this will have to d


i love puppet combo. i just really love retro styled games in general. 

me too, im about to buy scary tales vol 1 right now


i bought it last week (mainly for night shift and feed me billy)

Nice thats also why I download it, I've seen so many youtubers play night shift and feed me billy.

This was one of the best horror ps1 styled games i have ever played :D

That's awesome to hear, thank you!

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what bad word is the most used from santa hoe hoe hoe

Deleted 82 days ago

Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game!!!!

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks for playing!


go to my game its cold minecraf


I hope I helped the Developer (s) in something! :)


Thanks for checking it out!


Creepy and fun! Thank you.

No problem! thanks for playing.

NICE GAME!!! I made a video on it! It was terrefying... (Btw last night when I played it I cried cause it said you need a crowbar)

This video was not made last night btw... 


Thanks for playing!

Your welcome!

I Always Loved Christmas Games But This One Takes The Cake! Loved The Game Man and I'm Hoping For More

Thanks very much! I'm currently working on another retro first person horror game so there should be more in the future!

I’ll be there!

i decided to do part two. try to make another cool ps1 game like this :)

Thanks! I'm currently working on another retro first person horror game!

Deleted 111 days ago

Thanks very much., happy to hear it. I really appreciate the feedback, it helps me with future games.



great game!!!

I had extreme fun with this game. This is a puppet combo type game and i like those types of games. keep up the good work and good game btw 

Thanks for playing!

no problem. can't wait for more games

Gud Gam


Pros and cons are down below) Check my vid out here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The game is spooky. Santa crept up on me a couple of times and spooked me good. Especially in the basement area of the metro.

2. It's hilarious. Just imagine that Santa had a mental breakdown from working too hard and all the pressure of Christmas and delivering presents. Santa went a bit nuts. I think that the concept is pretty funny as is but the cheerful music during some of the sneaking around scenes add as well)

3. The boss fight was pretty cool. It took me a couple of tries to beat Santa and I didn't expect that. Normally the boss fights in these games are either too simple or too hard. This was very well balanced.

4. The story is very cool as well. I didn't expect to get any story at all but it actually made me a bit sad right off the bat. Very well done!


1. The police are stupid, my god! Apart from that, I don't even know what one could possibly add to the game to make it better. It seemed pretty balanced to me. There was some fighting, sneaking, and running away from Santa and it all was pretty entertaining.


Clearly, this game is a 5/5 star experience. I really enjoyed playing it!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks very much, Happy to hear you enjoyed it! I really appreciate all the feedback :)

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It's a good game I like it very much

Thanks, happy to hear it!

Please check out the video my friend made on this game lolz

Thanks for checking it out!

Does it support controller?

No it doesn't sorry.

Hey man. I have one question Which game engine did you use to create it?

He used Unity3D, i think.

It was made with Unity

Such a great game from such a sweet person. Never stop making games. You are an inspiration.

Thanks very much :)

Thank you for making this game, I love how unique and atmospheric this game is =) I got to record my playthrough and went back to see if the game has an alternate pacifist ending 😂


No problem, thanks for playing!

Hello, I made a donation to you, you deserve it, your work is superb , sorry for my english , i use google translate ,I hope the translation is correct lol 

Hey! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! The translation is correct :)

This games was pretty fun it made me pee and poo a little you can check those parts out in the description and yeah enjoy!!!!and merry chritsmas https://youtu.be/x-4LUbrGWTg

Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas!

The game was actually pretty good! Love the retro theme of the game! 

Thanks, glad to hear it!

Really cool game. Kinda reminds me of Puppet Combo lmao. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for playing!

This video reminds me of Cory!

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This was a good retro style horror game. although Christmas is over it was still fun.

Thanks very much!

Nice thumbnail

Had a lot of  fun would play again

Thanks for checking it out, glad to hear it!

Gameplay BR

Thanks for playing!

I played this over the holidays and had a good scare. A good laugh and scare at the same time.

Thanks for playing!

i had a lot of fun playing, i gotta say the battle between santa was a little hard it took me like 5 rounds around the ring to deal with him, i made a small playthrough no commentary well with text commentary! thank you for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out!

Screw you Santa!! He's a serious bullet sponge! Really good tho!

Thanks for playing!

ur welcome

Great game really enjoyed it 

Thanks very much!

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