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Slay Bells is a Christmas-themed survival horror game inspired by 80's slasher movies and PS1 horror games. 

Try to make your way home on Christmas eve as you're stalked by a maniacal axe wielding Santa who is out for BLOOD. Traverse city streets, back alleys and an abandoned subway station, find a variety of useful tool and weapons and avoid Mr Claus at all costs!

Oh, and the flashlight does NOT run out of battery.

You can watch the 5-part Devlog series of the making of the game on my YouTube channel here.


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Slay Bells V1.1_Windows 69 MB
Version 1
Slay Bells V1.1_MacOS 72 MB
Version 1

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Verry nice game

The best game!I was excited!

Thanks! glad to hear it.

Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video!

hey! nice video, thanks for including my game :)

this game is scary

Pretty fun game, I really enjoyed it.

Alot of  fun. nice feel. good sound

all i gotta say is santa on crack.....check out my youtube guys (RolexTB)

This game is gold, in so many ways, I just wished that I played it closer to Christmas, but having said that, I am unsure if people would've liked watching it so close to santa. This is a must play, will need to check out your other work!

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Nice game blake keep it up, 4 horror games.

Meet Santa at the subway station


Pour les Francophones ! 

Lol, I like how you play as a Prostitute.

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Played this as part of a random horror video and i didnt think Santa could tank so much bullets, pls nerf he's too OP. 

Great short horror game though, wish I played it during the holidays lol

3 1/2 Stars.  Blake´s Slay Bells show that he has potential to contribute to the PSX horror subgenre. Even if it is sadly, in some ways, his best genre game to date. 

I'm a little frusturated. My run through was incredibly bullshit. Sorry, I don't mean to sound upset or angry but I'm just a little fed up. Whenever I access the subway and go into the hallway, the part where you're supposed to see santa for the first time, I instantly get engaged in a chase scene even if I don't see him at all. It's like he has x-ray vision. No matter where I am in the map, he seems to always know where I am which in turn results in a chase scene despite me being behind a object or him being in twenty rooms over. This game was a big let down :/

definitely gave a twist to Santa Clause lure I'll tell you that! lol Great game and also, here's my playthrough! Subscribe if you haven't already!

This game has nice,  clean AI. Wish I was that good at coding!

Had a good time with Slay Bells. Hoping for a sequel!

Thanks for playing, there might be a sequel one day, I'll see what I have on around December :)


That would be amazing! This is one of the most fun games I've played in a while. And it would be even better to play in December! Keep up the great work Blake!

This is my Italian gameplay :D cool game!


Thanks for playing!

the game was fun. lowkey missing my PS1

Thanks. I'm missing my PS1 too, it's a bummer I sold it back when I got a PS2.

I love this game. I might be 22 but I still love 80's horror. The thrill, the terror, the vibe, love it. Check it out

Thanks! I'm 21 and I love 80's horror too!

Awesome.  Super awesome game

Creepy ;-;

glad you think so :)



Really enjoyed playing this game. I appreciated the mix of combat and stealth survivor horror.

Thanks. Yeah, I try to add combat into my horror games as much as I can, I find them to be more fun when there's weapon to use.

Fun game! We love the art style! I think that I am going to try and speed run this soon. I found some interesting strategies (some not in the video) that could help me beat it FAAAAAST. 

Thanks, go for it if you want to speed run it, I'll have to check it out!

You can't get away from santa or at least it's not very clear how. He also seems to always notice me instantly in the first sighting which makes it impossible


You can get away from him, you just need to stay out of his line of sight long enough for him to lose you. Santa instantly chasing you at the beginning of the second map is a bug that a few people have run into, I think it is caused by being killed in that map and then respawning.  If it keeps happening, crouching down and hugging the wall seems to stop him from seeing you. It only ever happened to me once during development and I've tried to fix it but it is very hard to reproduce. Download the updated version and see if it happens again, I changed around some of the code in hopes of fixing it but as I find it so hard to reproduce the issue I'm not sure if it has been fixed or not. Sorry about the inconvenience.

it's unplayable rn, but the game looks fun... Please fix it !

I'm guessing it's due to the mouse sensitivity? if so there'll be an update to fix it in a few days. Or is it something else?

An update is now up with the option to change the mouse sensitivity :)

Made a video


Awesome! thanks for playing!

It's unplayable for me, the mouse sensitivity is so incredibly low that I cant even turn around the first corner. Though from what I've seen it looks really good.


Sorry about that but it is fixed in the new update, I just uploaded a new build which allows you to change the mouse sensitivity from the pause menu . So download it again and the issue will be fixed :)

Awesome! thanks man


No problem :)

When Santa didn't get his Ho ho hooo 

Thanks for giving it a go!

I REALLY LOVED THE GAME also if you like high quality content check this out:)

Thanks very much!

if you like really edited content, this is for you!

Thanks again!

Loved the video! Enjoyed every second and yes the ps one graphics helped the aura! loved it and hope you like my take on the video!

G;ad to hear it. Thanks for making the video :)

Очень классный олд-скулл хоррор

Thanks for playing!

Really cool game! please check out my video spent a lot of time editing

Thanks for making the video!

is a very fun game but i had to speedrun it because i tried to record it but failed so i make it to a speedrun 

Nice, that was pretty quick :)

Deleted post

Haha, Thanks for playing!

Loved the game and I really like the 80's style. Check out the video to see me get scared :)

Thanks man! glad you liked it.


SKIP TO 17:56!!!

Thanks for playing. At least you liked this one more than my last game :)

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