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fun game. 

A very fun novelty Christmas game

this game was too good!!

A little late for me since it's not Christmas anymore but it was still fun and a really good game

Bulletproof Santa Claus! 

Great fun

A super cool game. Loved the vibe. Good job Dev. 

Nice game!

like it a lot! very good job with every design in it ;) keep it up this kinda things! 

Good game. Made me cry several times.

very good game! Alot of good scares hahahah

this had me on edge lol

good, now im scared

great Christmas game

Sanity lost..

Love this game

I destroyed Santa..

(Second game I play)

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Para la comunidad hispanohablante, he aquí un gameplay. (Spoiler: me asusté bien feo T-T)

tu muy feo papa rico

The game had on edge at times, It's goofy and scary. But It was fun.

Nice game :) Santa claus is coming with AXE! 

Escape from Crazy Santa (My experience with Slay Bells this Christmas

hello. I don't really play these games but i just wanted to upload something
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This was a blast. 10/10 for me :)

can you blast me to mars

So horrorful! I used to play it in 2020 at the pandemics peak and omg this used to scary me so much.

is horrorful a word


your scary me so much, papi.

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Loved this so much! I was so on edge and desperate to survive I just KNOW I missed some things lol But getting to unload a few clips into Santa's head was all the reward I could have asked for. So much fun! 10/10 short, well-paced, intense

Fun GAMe

This game was fun. I loved the soundtrack and simplicity of the game.  I recommend this to anyone! ❤️

I made a YouTube video about it with funny moments and scary moments in between! Check it out! ❤️

I played LIVE !

oh my gawd you DiD?!

esse jogo é muito bom 

My playtrough of your game


Played this on Christmas, was a fun short game!!! Loved the "Garbage Day" reference haha 

For how old this is this is still a great game.


hey bro, do you know wich are the requeriments? at least the basic (32 or 64bits, OS... etc)

When this sucka took 19 rounds to the head, I just knew I was playing that bull.

é muito bom matar o papai noel no natal 🥰🥰 (deus me livre)

o jogo é bom demaisss e super bem construído, me admiro até ser gratuito!

this game was perfect for my 5 days of Christmas special!! You guys should come check it out!


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Great PSX Horror Game.

Santa don't play lol all he wanted was his milk and cookies! We stopped showing him love so he's showing us his villain Ark! 

Loved this game tho and now others can see your creation. 

Sweet game!

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