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Gameplay pour les Francophones !

This game was a pretty fun experience! It was pretty difficult at times and I wasn't always sure where to go or what to find. I expected this to be a short 5-10 minute game but it went on longer and felt like a fleshed-out game. The ending part was pretty hard though, it took me a while to figure it out, and ended up getting frustrated at that point. Still though, good stuff!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 6:35) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!


Thanks for playing, glad to hear you had fun! sorry about those issues, the end part was hard to get the difficulty balance right.

I forgot to post my video playing this game lol. I got a hard time killing Santa!! LMAO... I love it anyway! Here it is:

(Spanish commentary)


Thanks for giving it a go!

I downloaded the game but I don't know how to open it

You need to unzip it, then you can play it :)

just paid for it sooo wheres my download link  at??????

Thank you, I'm not sure why it didn't take you to the downloads page,  to find it go to your "My Library" and it should show up there or just click the 'download now' button on the games page, then click, "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" and it'll take you to the download page.

This was a fun holiday horror game. I really liked how you made both the landscape and the story simple, yet dark and gritty. You did a great job of making the Santa encounters a terrifying experience as well. Nice work Blake!

Thanks very much, happy to hear it :)

me when new gaming pc 

nice game


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it was a fun game overall

i wish we have more this kind of retro classic graphic style horror game nowadays

it always has its own charm imo

but i'm looking forward for more game from you sir!

(ignore the thumbnail since i post the video as 2 christmas horror games in 1 video)

Good to hear. Thanks for playing!

Had to repost this awesome game of yours since its christmas (i hope i wasnt late) 

Thanks very much!

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Hi everyone so I ended up playing this the other day I can truly say it was a cool unique little short horror game i enjoyed it 100% I had a few JUMP SCARES lol 😆 

Thanks for checking it out, glad to hear it :)

I love this, This a GREAT Christmas horror game! This is now one of my favorites!. Love it! I'd enjoy playing :)

Awesome! thanks for checking it out.

For a free indie game, this is a 10/10 great game! I decided to play it and upload it just for fun! Looking forward to playing more of your games in the future.  

Thanks very much, happy to hear it!

Played this as a Christmas Horror game! It was pretty enjoyable, except for the glitch where Santa keep auto-locking on to me. It was great otherwise!

Thanks for checking it out. Sorry about that glitch.

No problem! Thanks for making the game!

No Problem :)

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Slay Bells
Created by Jaboblu

Amazing game, It's been a while since Santa and I danced like that!

Drew this thumbnail for evil Santa!

That's Awesome! Thank you so much!

Glad you liked the game.

i liked this game it was funny and scary

Good to hear, thanks for playing!

weirdly enjoyable game lol

Thanks for playing!

I really liked the game. Its one of those games that just keeps hitting you with randomness that for some reason all makes sense. I really liked the open feel of things and the mechanics. It almost feels like a puppet combo game. I also really liked that there were a bunch of things that you could interact with. The only issue I had was my audio. I think it was bugged because it kept cutting out and making high pitched noises. This game is a def 5/5 stars! Merry Christmas everyone!


Thanks very much, glad you liked it. Sorry about the audio, I had it happen randomly to me a few times but couldn't quite figure it out. Merry Christmas!

Hello! Merry Christmas i played this for my Christmas special today! It scared the crap outta me it had a good pace and creepy moments! The atmosphere was good too! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

Thanks for playing, Merry Christmas!


check out my video and consider hittung that subscirbe button thanks!

Merry Christmas! thanks for playing.

Here is my gameplay of slay bells i loved it check out my gameplay and give me some feedback merry christmas 

Glad you liked it :) Merry Christmas!


Thanks for playing!

Merry Xmas everyone! :3

Merry Christmas! thanks for playing.

This games a classic. I love low-poly horror games and their aesthetic which I feel that you've executed perfectly in this game. Were you inspired by puppet combo at all?

Thanks very much, glad to hear it! Yeah, their games are really good, I also had a lot of different inspirations for this one, some indie horror games, some 90s horror games and some old  slasher movies.

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I see, a game I'd recommend for you to play is Cry Of Fear. It's an old horror game which is basically first person silent hill as I would describe. I think you would love it and it would inspire you and give you more ideas (It's free on steam btw). Keep it up!

Cry of Fear is awesome, I haven't finished it but I've played quite a bit of it. Thanks for the recommendation :)

No problem :)


Thanks for playing!

Merry Christmas!!

Me and this game got along real well for the holidays

Awesome, happy to hear it. Have a Merry Christmas!

Hey! I included your game in my Christmas Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 12:52! And if you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!


Thanks very much! Happy Holidays :)

This game was amazing

Thanks so much! happy to hear it.

scary Slay Bells

Thanks for checking it out!

Slay Bells

que mejor que jugarlo para navidad

Thanks for playing!

Santa is killing prostitutes... I mean, what they're doing is un-Christian and his actions are JUST. lol this game was something else. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Congrats for the creator - this game is trending again!

Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas to you too!

Frustrating but equally fun! I had a great time trying to take down Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks for playing, Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the fun/horror :P


No problem :) thanks for playing.

Love me some good x-mas horror games. Nice short story, good pacing and creepy atmosphere. Fun game.


Thanks for playing!

Through this game, I have transcended and now know the real meaning of Christmas. Also, I am a big fan of HOT SAUSAGE.


Haha, thanks for playing!

Thanks for making it!

I featured your game. It was quite entertaining.

Awesome, thanks for giving it a go.

No problem. I did enjoy myself actually.

Happy to hear it!

Juego de terror navideño, divertido para pasar el rato, con un estilo ochentoso bastante bueno.


Thanks for playing!

This game was really good, I don't usually go for games like this because I tend to suck and get angry, but I'm super glad I did decide to play. Really good idea, loved it, it did however take me far too long to complete (but that's cos i suck) and I did get a bit stressed with it hahah, but I got there in the end haha!! 
Awesome storyline too!!
Great work!!
Check out my game play :) starts at 6:33 x

Thanks very much, I'm happy to hear it :)


Thats what we call it on my channel! 😁

Starts at 9;51 and I gotta say the amount of EFFORT that was put into this game!  A big amount of  jumpscares too I loved it.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it.

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