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This was pretty dope! Had a fun time playing this game! Liked the atmosphere, sound effects and backstory. The man-deer was pretty tough to kill lmao!!  Keep up the great work! 

PS. Time stamps added for the games played in this video! 


Thanks for checking it out!

Hey, this game is really rad!  Would love to see it expanded one day! Spoiler free review here if anyone is still on the fence about picking this one up! 


Awesome! I really liked the video, thanks for reviewing it!

You're welcome and Thank you, Glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to check out some of your other games!

Cool! I'll hopefully have some new games coming too.

all i can say is thank you so much for not hurting the doggo


Haha, no problem!


Good game! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for checking it out!

I liked the game a lot!! 

It was well made and I liked the style of the game a lot, it was super fun! 


I really enjoyed the video! thanks for checking it out.

Thank you, and no problem! It was really fun.

Very Good Game 

Only complaint is the deer boss having too much health

Good Job Dev!

Thank you!

Great game I loved it!

Glad to hear it, thanks for playing!

Nice game !


Blake, very excellent job on this game! It was short, suspenseful, and has a great little story! This is in my top 10 indie games I've played! I put the link to this game in a creator's discord that I'm in so others can check it out! 5/5 stars for sure!

oh wow! thank you very much! really enjoyed the video.

You're very welcome, Blake!! And thank you!

I think my dog's broken, I might have to put him down...

Noooo! not the dog. Thanks for checking it out.

 I semper gratus. ;{)

love a singleplayer retro style horror. right at the same alley of vhs (puppet combo) type game.despite no  fancy ambience and less game effects. but i enjoy the action ( killing cultists with 1 shot at the head makes my day ) 

Thanks for playing!

This game made me rage quit, that deer boss was difficult but it was overall fun to play!

Thanks for playing! yeah sorry about that, the boss has a bit too much health, I'm going to lower it in an update.

really cool game


This was very retro style, and I am an absolute sucker for that style! Very well done and spooky for something so short. Very well done!

I really enjoyed watching the video, thanks for checking it out and sorry about your hand!

probably blueballs incident FNF REFERENCCE


Haha, ya gotta love ragdoll physics!

can you make this free download plz?

It is free, it's "name your own price" so just click "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" after you click on "Download Now" button and it won't cost anything.


Fun game! Satisfying to blast those cultists right in the dick! They all deserve to die! 

Haha, good to hear! thanks for checking it out.

This game was really great, I enjoyed the story and when Jonathan turned into this ''deer'' man it gave me the Wendigo vibes overall an absolute 10/10

Thanks for making the video, I enjoyed watching it! Yeah the game definitely has a wendigo vibe to it.

not gonna lie this game was fire

Thanks for checking it out! good advice at the end of the video haha!

Wow, now that is a hardcore gaming! there is actually just no other ways to trick the boss =)


Thanks for checking it out, it can be pretty difficult towards the end!


This is a pretty good quick game! 

Thanks for playing!

I Like it


Cool, I'm glad to hear it!

Supreme Game dev didn’t find any bugs or glitches fam 

Really enjoyed the video, thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed the deer aspect, 10/10 please launch kickstarter and make full game :)

Glad to hear it! I am planning on making a longer version at some point.

The game was fun and different. I really liked the graphics and I did a gameplay video on it, nice work. (frustrating)

Thanks for playing!

Very nice game! ✌✌✌✌

Thanks for checking it out!


The dog is the true hero

Thanks for playing!

Deleted 141 days ago

I absolutely loved it! It didn't drag on or anything, it was nice and short! Good job! Looking forward to more stuff from you!

Thanks for checking it out and for making the video! There'll be more games from me soon.

this game was Excellent! 

I'm glad to hear it, thanks for playing! I'm working on a new game now but I do want to expand this one into a longer game at some point in the future.

i cant wait to see whats in the works!!

Loved it, but was a little frustrating trying to pick up the shotgun shells and beans at the end tho :). Thanks

Thanks for playing!

This game was a little frustrating, but it was fun 

Thanks, I don't know why the game was lagging for you, I haven't seen anyone else have performance issues with it.

Great game!! <3

Great video! thanks for checking it out!

muy buen juego

Thanks for playing!

And here’s my funny walkthrough with strong persian accent 😂

Thanks for playing!

Nice game, but why the final boss doesn't get tired from running 😂

Thanks! I guess because he's a deer and deer are good at running?

I hope this is just a demo of some ending of a game this dev is trying to pitch. I love this graphic style, and I would absolutely be a backer if this dev wants to make a full game, complete with voice lines and a more open-world experience.

I am considering making it into a longer game. This was made in 2 weeks for a game jam which is why it is so short.

Not bad, not bad at all. It is super short though! I loved it!


Quite enjoyed this game! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

Thanks for playing! there'll be more games coming soon!

Very well done!
Sad this was so short.


Thanks! I might make a longer version at some point.

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