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Great game

This game is so good, i really enjoyed the story and gameplay !

un reno asesino en navidad, muy interesante!

Loved the Xmas update!!

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Game was amazing! The cult creeped me out though (and I did rage a little) apart from that I enjoyed it, just like Slaybells. Amazing Horror FPS Game!!

I had a great time! This cult wild af tho...they just masked up an meated out lmao!! Definitely need to try another one of your games


this was fun!


Thanks for playing!

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I came back to bEAT this game…. Loved the update 

Awesome man, thank you! Glad you like my games!

great game!

Thanks very much!


Dude this game is great, the small details like being able to pet your dog and interact with items is really cool, love this game as well as slay bells, amazing work looking forward to your next games!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate you playing both of them! More games coming in early 2024!

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Loved it. Played it mostly straight (with big head and Santa hats) then played around with the cheats more. 

Btw, Who's Phil? :)


This was so much fun to watch! Thanks for playing and trying out the cheats!

I almost turned the sickles into candy canes like you suggested! I just ran out of time. The white light when you went out of bounds is just the bottom of the skybox sorry, and Phil was the original name for the park ranger, I didn’t know any of that was left over haha I think you’re the first one to notice that!

Merry Christmas!


Glad you liked the video. Merry Christmas!


Loved every bit of it keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for playing! New games coming in 2024!


dude i am all about the + to santa hat on games I already enjoy lmao

Keep up the great work dude Merry Christmas

Full Play NO Commentary, Christmas Update

I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas!


absolutely love the game keep up the excellent work

Haha nice! Thanks for playing!


I liked the game, especially the Santa hats look nice on the NPCs. The dog makes me uncomfortable, when he's looking at me he seems to be angry. Maybe I forgot to feed him that night?
I had a bug at the final fight, when I died (sudden an invisible wall stopped  me) and after restart the final boss was just killed, although he had almost half his lifebar when I died.
Aside from that, nice idea to make it a little christmas-like :)

Oh no! I haven't encountered that bug before, I'll look into it. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it still :)


una experiencia corta de terror llena de una ambientación muy bien lograda y estilo único. 

Thanks for checking it out!


Awesome game. Loved the dog.

Cheers! Thanks for playing :)

Very fun and scary, good job! 

Thank you!


excelente juego 

Thanks very much!

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I cant play it it just spins and points up  I don't know if its me  or the game

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Quite a fun short horror FPS experience I shall link the video I made soon, great job making this my man(or woman)!



beautiful game

ya jugué ese juego la verda me gusto tanto que grabe dos videos este es el remake, un saludo al creador :V

Very nice game with good gameplay and atmosphere!

Fire game that gave us plenty of scares.

Me and the homies playing:

Tough to shoot everyone down and run away.  Neat story and PSX graphics though!

Very bad. Half the shots dont even register, not enough ammo you just get slammed by enemies, can barley control the gun to shoot them. Feels like the game is running off a potato, Not fun wouldnt recommend 

its meant to be a hard game

Sir it's a shotgun you have to get up close and still not miss :D


the shotgun model looks familiar...

Nice tribal asmr

Enjoyed this small horror game it was a fun game

What an awesome little game.  I loved shooting all these nude loonies :)  Thanks for making this I had heaps of fun playing it.

this game creeps me out, without jumpscares (kinda)! good job! i would love to try to make an animation about this!

amazing game bro keep it up

this game is amzing bro!!

un juego muy interesante, una historia corta pero al punto. quizás algo fácil al momento de que se llego a buguear el enemigo. pero sin duda alguna me ha gustado. 


This game has unsettling tention to it and is very well paced and balanced. Also I love the style of making it look like a game for PSX :D

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