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Great game as always my man!! I once make a video of your other game called dead county and it so good. I hope you continue making game my friend!!!

Love From Malaysia.

oh awesome! thanks for checking out another one of my games.

My room mates were very confused as to why I was incessantly yelling about beans and were even more confused when i explained it to them haha great little game, I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it !

Haha, Thanks for playing!

This Game Made Me Not Want To Go Camping

Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks for playing!

btw blake i love your work 

Thanks very much!

yo this game goes crazy i didnt do a gameplay on this but heres                                                        my youtube  : ) 

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will there be update/patch to the game?

I haven't planned on one at the moment.

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Awesome, thanks for playing.

Really Nice Game but that was too short. I made a No Damage Gameplay. :))  5/5

Thanks for playing. It was made in 2 weeks for a game jam which is why its pretty short.

Really awesome Job :)) 


Thanks very much! awesome video.

Pretty spooky,  not as much depth as your last games, but definitely more naked dudes xD

Thanks for playing. Yeah, this one is a bit shorter because it was made in 2 weeks.

i really enjoyed this game, i would love to see more of your work later. i followed you McKinnon ..can you guys help me gain 10 subs on my channel?

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

lol this was so much fun to play, you allowed me to wage a war on beans XD Here is my video if you want to watch, I hope it gives you a good laugh! 

Awesome video, thanks for playing!

It was pretty cool

Thank you!

I Really Enjoyed The Game

Awesome! thanks for playing.

Thank You For Making Awesome Game

No problem :)

Gave it a Let's Play 


Thanks very much for playing another of my games! I really enjoyed the video. I want to keep making shooters so your feedback on the feel of the shooting was helpful, thanks!

The game is pretty fun and it caught me off guard when im shooting the evil cults or what ever they give me the chills a bit band i am having a blast playing it and i played it at night maybe i wont be sleeping tonight 😅

Thanks for playing!

game good

Thanks for playing!

Dobra igrica, sviđala mi se, ima svoj koncept i temu, te sretno u gradnji ostalih igrica!


Thanks very much!

everything about this game, from the soundtracks and the story are great. i hope to play more of these games in soon!

Thanks, I'm glad to hear it!

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I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

You can pet the puppy (Kinda) that alone deserves recognition. I liked the story at the beginning setting the story up with what's coming up, you get to explore a little bit before the actual start of the game. The gun mechanics is satisfying when killing the bad dudes and reloading just good stuff. The atmosphere gets you in the scary mood. And the ending was satisfying I wished it lasted a bit longer with more of an explanation of the story but it gets the job done. And yea the game has checkpoints in case you die. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. Try it out it's good stuff!!

Thank you very much! glad you liked it.

Awesome! Really creative, solid and consistent.

Thanks very much!

This game was fire , good work on the game .

Thanks! I enjoyed watching the video.

I had a blast playing this game! My only problem with it is that it is short, but I know that this is because it was made in two weeks for the game jam. However, even with the short length, this game manages to stand its ground and really shows that it doesn't really need to be longer to be an incredible game. I'm super excited to see what else you make in the future because I can tell there's huge potential and lots of talent behind it all from this game. Overall Super fun short game to pick up and enjoy!

That's awesome to hear, thank you! There were quite a few things that I had to cut due to the length of the jam but I'm glad you liked it so much anyway.

I featured this in my video


Thanks for playing! glad you liked it.

Very cool game! Nice work on the viewmodel animations and ragdolls. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Thanks very much!

This is actually the first horror game i have beaten and it was amazing :D

That's awesome! Thank you.


Amazing job man! I always enjoy your horror games to be honest,  keep up the good work fam!

Made a video about it, hope you enjoy! ;)

Haha thanks for playing! Awesome video.

Nah this game was actually really fun! Really needed this FPS action in my life, yall aren't competing with my FPS ability lol. Wish it was longer!

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed the video.


This was really good! So much fun mowing down those enemies with the shotgun. I had a great time playing this, great work!

Awesome video, Thanks very much for playing!




Thanks for playing! I enjoyed the video.

no problem anytime bro :)

i hate jonathan

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Buen juego, super divertido, es un honor poder jugar este tipo de juegos,saludos desde España...

Thanks very much!

I liked the PSX look. Too bad it's short, but I thought it was cool anyway. Congratulations.

Thank you for playing and for writing an article on it. I'm glad you liked it!

The action was quite tense even though the game overall was fairly easy. A nice bit sized snack of a game.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks for making the video!


This one's pretty fun. It's actually really good for a short game.  And the boss battle was pretty intense. Great job on this, dude! Thanks!


Thanks for making the video, that was fun to watch. I probably should have made some of the ammo pick ups a bit more obvious.

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For a short free game made by one person in about 2 weeks, that was simply brilliant! The attention to detail was just astonishing, like the tires making a different sound when the car goes from the road onto the grass. The ragdoll physics and the shooting itself are convincing and satisfying, and the sound design is gorgeous. You should definitely expand on the premise and flesh-out the plot, like more information about the cult and the deer-like deity!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that. I would like to make a longer version some day.



Awesome video, Thanks for playing!

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