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loved the game and the graphics very cool and brought me back to the good old days of gaming. hope to see more games like this from you!!

Thanks, I've got more games planned to come out soon, they won't use tank controls but will still be survival horror and have the retro PS1 type graphics.


your welcome and cant wait to play them!

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Let's Play (ru)

I liked this game

Nice! thanks for playing.

good game


Good to hear! thanks for playing.

Nice game. Only recommendation is a little music while walking around. 

Loved the video! thanks for giving it a go. Yeah, I agree it could use some more music, I tried a few different tracks but I couldn't get anything that suited the game very well so I decided to just stick mostly with ambient sound.

great game , just finished "dungeon of exile" great game man , may i suggest making another game like that but maybe a world outside the dungeon and maybe more dungeons in said world. anyway i love your work !!


Thanks! yeah, I'd love to make another dungeon crawler-type game, I've got a few projects that'll come first but I'll eventually get back to it. I haven't made a game with an interconnected world yet but I'll look into it, that's a great idea!

wow, the game is that pretty, i liked so much, and i appreciated the idea,the mechanics and the desing is very beatifull, and work fine, awesome game, i wanted to view this finallized!

Thanks, glad you liked it.

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Thanks for playing! some people are finding it easy and some are finding it hard, I don't know why that is exactly:) It looks like you found an inventory bug that I thought I'd fixed but apparently not! no problem, you playing the game on your channel is support! thanks man, have a good day too!

Thanks! I dont know why I am smelling a hardwired chapter 2 but that would be awesome if you do a chapter 2, or maybe another shooting game like Quake, just do what you think

I don't have plans to make a HARDWIRED 2 at the moment but my next two games are going to be first person. I talk about them a little bit in the next YouTube video.

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WAIT! i am stupid?, just kidding but you showed us a shooting game that you said to it * i would take so much time to make it * i am right blake? because you showed us in the video a new game with a gun, i hope i am not wrong because you said that, i hope you understand what i mean, i also rated this game to 5 starts, you welcome!

Yeah I did show an FPS a while ago, but that game could take 6 months-1 year to make so it'll be a while before I touch it again. I'm mostly just focusing on smaller games at the moment but I've been taking stuff from that game and implementing them into the new ones. Thanks man!

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Nice! thanks for playing, maybe there'll be a Dead County 2 in the future, we'll have to wait and see :)

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ok wait :P

Hello Blake, I am late for the game but soon there's a video coming, I dont know when but maybe I will record it the next day

hey, no problem at all, take your time:)


Awesome video! I'd love to see a part 2 if you do want to make one. Sorry about going through the wall haha, it's a known glitch. but anyway thanks for playing!

You're the Best Blake!!!

Thanks man, loved the video! sorry the inventory was so small but I did it that way because I wanted inventory management to be a big part of it like it was in the old resident evil games.

I know bro. I'm just being a baby. Lol I cant wait for your next game. And I will come back  to this one and beat it.

haha it's fine:) good to hear!

Love the vibe and aesthetic! The mumbling voices really add to the creepiness- I ran behind the police car by the ammo pickup, the one without the dead cop by it and the player disappeared into the darkness forever and I couldn't get him back, had to restart the game- 

Awesome M dot, thanks! I think its an issue with player movement script which uses transform.translate, if the player is squeezed between two colliders he can go through them. I'll be looking into a different method of moving the player next time.

Awesome game nonetheless ^_^ I'm going to play it again after I finished work today-

Awesome! thanks.

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