A downloadable game for Windows

HARDWIRED is a wave-based FPS inspired by late 90s shooters.

The game is similar to a 'Horde' mode game (think Killing Floor), you fight against waves of enemies, until the final wave where you have to defeat the boss.
It is my first 3D game, having made two 2D platformers previously, the game has been my way of learning how to make games with Unity. I have been solo developing it for almost 3 months.

Check Out my Website: https://www.blakemckinnonproductions.com/home
or my Blog: https://blakemckinnonproductions.blogspot.com/
and while your at it, heres my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwkl1OTGWsSsNBJ_O9yPbA

Install instructions

Unzip the file, extract all, double-click "HARDWIRED.exe" to play.




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here you go

Awesome, Thanks very much!



Your game is awesome!!


Thanks very much!

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this is the coolest game i ever played

keep up this cool work

if you dont know me

i am zaramcpe i subscribed to your channel

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Thanks very much! glad you like it! I really appreciate you checking out my work (games and videos), my next game should hopefully be out some time next month!

You welcome as always! :-)

Is that because your work in it faster, BECAUSE I AM REALLY EXITED!! :-)

I've actually slowed down a bit on it recently, it's pretty much done I've mostly just got optimization and overall polish to go and to add a few sound effects , glad to hear that your looking forward to it!


Thanks man! HARDWIRED is the first game that I made with Unity before Backwoods Massacre and Dungeon of Exile. I'm getting close to finishing my new survival horror game so hopefully it'll be out soon. If you want to see some stuff from my new  game (It's called Blood Breed) I've got a few older videos on my YouTube channel for it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwkl1OTGWsSsNBJ_O9yPbA


Thanks Man!

Hello! I enjoyed playing this game a lot, but it was too short unfortunatly :( Great job for your first time 3D! I hope you make more of these and maybe add some levels? 

Hey! glad you liked it and thanks for making the video! I'll keep that in mind for future projects, thanks for the feedback. I don't have any plans at the moment for more levels but I possibly could in the future. I'm working on my next game already so there'll be more games from me soon.

you're welcome hehe! Usually I comment, but I was sick so rather not record my voice :P Good to know! Can't wait for your other games! It deserves more attention. 

Thanks very much! hope your feeling better. I don't plan on spending as much time as I did making HARWIRED on my next couple of  games so there'll be more shortly.